Are you coming to visit Madrid? Let’s try something different!

Learn spanish while you are on holidays in Madrid!

If you come to visit Madrid on holidays and you would like to know what curiosities hides, in SpanXperience we propose you to discover a different experience.

Get involved into our culture learning some basic travel vocabulary very useful during your stay in Spain, tasting our traditional spanish dishes, discovering how to get lost around the old town and what secret places you can find in the city, as local people do. Leave your family and friends jaw dropping!

Also, we give you a little gift, our Spaneasy Guide that will accompany you and it will be very useful along your travel.

Enjoy a touristic, handy, fast y funny experience in a friendly and close atmosphere.

To whom is this for?


For everyone! There is not minimun age or level of spanish required.


If you love to travel, get to know the culture of the country you are travelling to, meeting local people and going to spanish places as locals go, don’t miss this opportunity, join us to SpanXperience.

What’s included in the programme?


  Spanish Immersion

We will take at least 1 hour to teach you Spanish in a really useful way, a practical vocabulary and some other expressions that you will find very helpful day by day in Madrid and other places in Spain.
Also, you will get info about Spanish lifestyle and vocabulary slang we use every day.

  Spanish traditional food

Free tasting included! Become an authentic Spanish chef and surprise everyone. With our programme we will teach you some basic dishes in our traditional cuisine, the main dishes and how to prepare it easily at home. Perfect for cooking lovers or mediterranean food lovers. Mmm… Tasty!


Do you know all the spots and main streets in Madrid but you want more? Get ready to keep discovering secret gardens and beaches, enchanted forests, glass palaces, ghost train stations and spectacular roofs where you can see amazing sunsets. Get the key of the city and live amazing experiences with SpanXperience.


Sun, flamenco, paella, light, party, bulls, passion and art are some representations of Spanish culture. We teach you the most interesting aspects of our culture in a visual and interactive way. Ideal for culture and curiosity lovers! Also, we recommend you what not to miss in Spain and when is advised to visit each place.

   Kit to get lost in Madrid

With this Kit, you can get lost as many hours as you want in Madrid. You won’t need anything else. Maps, public transport schedules plus our Spaneasy Guide that will suggest you the best places. You will know Madrid like the back of your hand.

Discover where to go depending on the moment and all the cultural and social events in the city, with many discounts!

Why SpanXperience? We give you 5 reasons:

  • Learn travel vocabulary
  • Explore secret places in Madrid
  • Get to know and taste the traditional Spanish cuisine
  • Discover our culture and lifestyle
  • Get information to enjoy as much as possible your holidays



If you want to know more about SpanXperience, contact us.