Business Spanish Course


Nowadays the knowledge of foreign languages and the possibility to communicate with other professionals or companies from all over the world is the key to have a successful career. This course is aimed at executives, business students or any person who wants to develop his/her Business Spanish skills. With this course you will improve your knowledge through interactive tools such as newspapers, videos, daily office situations

New structure! This course also includes 3 special workshops given by professionals who will help you improving your personal brand. Learn how to take advantage of Linkedin and how to adapt your CV to the Spanish professional environment. Moreover, you will also learn how to be prepared for a job interview and how to improve your communicational skills.

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Course structure: 7.5 hours per week, 1.5 hours per day
Duration: two weeks
Days: from Monday to Friday
Schedule: 18.30-20.00, 20.00-21.30

The course is designed for students with a minimum level of Spanish B1.

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Additional Information

Intermediate [B1-B2], Advanced [C1-C2]

Beginning & Duration

15/01/2018, 12/02/2018, 12/03/2018, 09/04/2018, 14/05/2018, 11/06/2018, 09/07/2018, 20/08/2018, 17/09/2018, 15/10/2018, 12/11/2018, 10/12/2018


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Pay totally (5% discount), Pay 40% of the course